Our Story

Look good. Feel good. Play good. 

They say sports can shape your mindset and create family away from immediate kin. No statement could be more true, Faire Grove is family. Coming from humble beginnings, hard work and passion were instilled in us at a young age, creating a mentality 'you get out what you put in'. These qualities were instrumental in driving us to reach our goals. Sport is what enabled our journey around the world, helping diversify our vision, inspiration and perspectives of everyday life.

True sport is our idea of an active lifestyle paired with an adventurous view for classic menswear. Faire Grove is a true representation of quality, which is what embodies our design aesthetic and ideals as a brand. Faire, is a derivative from the french phrase ‘Laissez-Faire’- which translates the notion, 'to let do/be', as we believe in letting our garments be our allure. 

We custom develop and source only the finest quality fabrics. Our fits are unique and contemporary with precise execution and functional details. All of our garments are domestically handcrafted with pride in the United States. Luxury hardware and trims are a staple throughout. 

Faire Grove is for the brave. We represent the fearless desire to seek true passion and follow it without any apprehension. Being courageous on your journey. To let it be however it may. This is our family. Let's play. 

Welcome to Faire Grove.

-Live Faire.



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